About Us


I am the furthest thing away from someone known as "being in the kitchen." I was a full-time legal assistant for 20+ years with no culinary background, never did the thought of owning my own business even cross my mind and no chef experience whatsoever. I decided to change my lifestyle of eating in July of 2017 and went cold turkey (no pun intended) straight into a plant-based diet. At that time my partner and I would venture to local markets around town and being the foodies that we have always been our determination to find a delicious vegan cookie became an ultimate goal. After buying many cookies and searching around town we finally decided to start playing with recipes ourselves since we could not find that flavor that we desired and were accustomed to all of our lives.  After playing with recipes and having family and friends and of course kids taste test our cookie we finally discovered what would be today known as the “Classic Chocolate Chunk” cookie. We decided to take our cookie to the public in our very first market in Sarasota, Florida in November of 2017 and the crowd seemed to love it and the rest is history. We pride ourselves that all of our products we make are dairy free, soy free and always vegan as this is something we are very passionate about. Since we first started we have added multiple cookie flavors, muffins, breads, cinnamon rolls and our must have brownies.